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The Aplington-Parkersburg School Board understands that we represent the interests of the parents, students, residents, taxpayers and voters of the A-P School district. We strive to fairly and effectively balance your interests with sound governance and education principles, as we make decisions relative to the resources of the district and the best interest of our students. (Back Row, Left to Right) Nate Steege, Tim Kolder, Elton LaBree (Front Row, Left to Right) Amy Truax, Jill Kalkwarf, Darla Choate.

Providing Input

To provide input or comments to the school board, email

We ask that you understand and keep in mind the following simple rules when providing input:

  • Keep it constructive.
  • Nothing personal. Please talk to an administrator about specific student or staff issues.
  • Please don’t expect a direct response. We may or may not be able to respond to comments. Please call a board member if you have a more direct or urgent comment.
  • Assume any comment is not confidential. The Board reserves the right to use, and make public, any comments received.