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Practice Gym Closure
Please check out the current Practice Gym schedule that is posted by the Fitness Room. The Practice Gym is closed to the public during these times.

Fitness Center Closure: None

Memberships run September – August. The cost is $120/year. If you are on the Fire or Ambulance Crew, your membership is 1/2 price. College students may purchase 3-month memberships. If you are an A-P staff membership or current School Board member, there is NO membership cost to you. All users need to complete an Informed Consent and Release form.

Become a member: Contact Staci Brungard at the High School (346-1571).
Renew your membership: Drop off your check made payable to A-P Schools to either the Middle School or High School office.

Cancel your membership: Return the key/FOB to the appropriate building.

Note: Do not share your key FOB or let anyone who does not have a key FOB into the building. Doing so may cause you to forfeit your membership.

Aplington Facility
The Aplington Fitness Center is located on the northwest side of the Middle School. It will be open only during select hours in the morning and again in the evening. This site features a variety of standard weight machines and cardio workout equipment (i.e. treadmill, elliptical).

Parkersburg Facility
The Parkersburg Fitness Center is located on the northwest corner of the High School and is available all day. The center hosts weight machines and an expanded cardio workout area. Members also have limited use of the small gymnasium.