Exciting news for Ethan Self… This year Ethan Self entered the C-Span StudentCam Video contest and received 3rd Prize in the IMG_0121Central High School Division. He won $750 and the school will receive $125 for video equipment. A third place prize placed Ethan  in the top 40 for best videos submitted this year.  This is impressive considering that C-SPAN received 2,280 video submissions from almost 5,000 students in 45 states, Washington DC and Taiwan.


This year, students used video cameras to answer the question, ​“The Three Branches and You: tell a story that demonstrates how a policy, law, or action by either the executive, legislative, or judicial branch has affected you or your community.”


IMG_0120Ethan’s documentary focused on how the Americans with Disabilities Act has helped end discrimination and create opportunities for all Americans.


If you see Ethan in the hall be sure to tell him congratulations…He is very excited!!! I also included a link to his video below.


Link to Ethan’s Video