1. What are Essential Outcomes and Skills?

Essential Outcomes are a subset of the complete list of standards within the Iowa Core Curriculum. They represent a vertically aligned “safety net” of indicators that
our teaching professionals strive to ensure students’ learn prior to exiting each grade level. It is important to realize, however, that state law mandates that educators be bound to teach their students all the standards and indicators in their assigned grade level or department. Aplington-Parkersburg Middle School is not eliminating any standards, although we are clear on the knowledge, skills and dispositions (that is essential outcomes) that students will acquire as a result of each content area/grade level. To find a complete list of our Iowa Core Curriculum Standards, please visit: http://corecurriculum.iowa.gov.

2. Why Essential Outcomes?

Essential Outcomes provide a laser focus for us as a middle school system. We have prioritized our standards, based on the research that this type of system philosophy increases student achievement.

3. How did the A-P Middle School staff select the Essential Outcomes?

During the 2012-2013 school year, our teachers and administrators worked together to prioritize our standards, based on three criteria.

A. Endurance-does the standard provide value beyond a single test date?
B. Readiness For Next Level-will the standard provide students with skills and knowledge necessary for success in the next grade or level of instruction?
C. Leverage-will this standard provide knowledge and skills that will be of value in multiple disciplines?

Math Essential Outcome

Phys. Ed. Essential Outcome

Reading Essential Outcome

Science Essential Outcome

Social Studies Essential Outcome

Art Essential Outcome

Music Essential Outcome

English Essential Outcome