Access to JMC Back Up

Updated May 19, 2017 16:45

All data from Wed. – Fri. has been entered and JMC is up and ready.

Updated May 19, 2017 12:35

Data has been imported and we are beginning the data entry for what was missed Wed.-Fri.

Updated May 19, 2017 09:35

Data has been received and is being imported.

Updated May 18, 2017 17:34

Data has been recovered. Should have recovered data in our possession mid morning tomorrow.

Updated May 18, 2017 09:00

Should have some updated information this afternoon.

Updated May 17, 2017 15:15

The company should be receiving the package with the hard drive at around 11:30 Tomorrow morning

Updated May 17, 2017 11:54

Due to an error in the backups. We have to send the destroyed hard drive out to a company to try and recover some data. We are very confident they will recover the data. Access to the Parent Portal on JMC is not available at this time.

Updated May 17, 2017 08:54

Due to a power Surge from what seems to be caused by the weather. The main hard drive in our JMC server has been fried. We will have JMC back up as soon as possible

Updated May 17, 2017 08:35

JMC is Down and we are looking into the issue. More Information will be provided as it becomes Available


If you have any questions please feel free to email Mr. Eilderts